Daniel Coley

Daniel Coley has been involved in astronomy since the age of 9 when he bought his first Meade 4" telescope and instantly became hooked on the night sky.  Today, he uses two scopes to aide in his asteroid photometry research - a Meade 12" LX200R, currently used from home, and a 14" Meade ACF OTA on a Mathis Instruments MI-500F mount (pictured above).

Prior to entering the realm of scientific research in late 2009, Daniel spent decades taking "pretty pictures" with film, DSLR's, and CCD's, spanning nearly all of the Messier objects along with numerous IC & NGC targets as well, with his pride-n-joy being a narrow-field image of the Pillars of Creation in M16 (The Eagle Nebula).

Daniel served on the Board of Trustees of the Riverside Astronomical Society, and was the network administrator for the dark-sky site GMARS (Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Station - MPC G79), and published the monthly club's newsletter, The Prime Focus. In 2015, Dan was awarded a Planetary Society Shoemaker NEO Grant to assist in his studies of Near Earth Asteroids.

Dan's Publications