Educational Outreach

Principals in CS3 have a long history of public outreach, both in hosting public star parties and providing educational opportunities to students and others. We have participated in dozens of star parties and general outreach events at schools and other events.  In addition, we have hosted students from local schools and universities to assist them in their learning and research projects.  We have also hosted Boy Scout troops to assist their scouts in earning their Astronomy Merit Badges.


For over 30 years Bob Stephens helped run the RTMC Astronomy Expo, one of the largest star parties in the world.  Since the late 1990's, Bob has helped run the Society for Astronomical Sciences, an organization devoted to pro-am collaboration and amateur astronomer research. 


We are available for educational outreach events for small groups and to help High School or College students with their astronomy projects.












Bob Stephens shows asteroid research to a Troop of Boy Scouts.